Win an Apple® iPod® Shuffle

OK, in an effort to increase readers to our new blog we’re going to have a little contest. The rules are simple and you really don’t have to do all that much work to win. Simply send us some visitors from your blog, we’ll track it using Google Analytics and whoever sends us the most traffic between September 1, 2008 (12:01 AM CST) November 1, 2008 (12:01 AM CST) will win a free Apple® iPod® Shuffle. You can blog about our blog, you can add us to your blogroll or better yet you can publish our RSS feed on your site. We’ll tally the hits and ship you the iPod® straight from Apple all gift wrapped and engraved with your weight loss goal or a motivational message.

Here’s a little tutorial on how to publish the RSS feed for both Blogger and WordPress. If you’re using another blog software it will probably be similar or you can ask for help and we’ll look it up for you. Paunchiness uses WordPress so we’ll start there.

Word Press RSS Feed Setup.
From your Dashboard go to Design then Widgets and add the RSS widget to your sidebar. Once its over there click Edit and in the Enter the RSS feed URL here: use

You can chose any title you want, select the number of items to display and decide wheather or not to display a summary. Keep in mind that to win the contest you need to send us hits so make your decisions appriatly. The idea isn’t to clutter your blog so don’t go crazy. Here’s an example of what it looks like with the above options selected. Remember you can stick it anywhere that your template allows so get creative and don’t be shy.

Publish RSS on
If you have a account the process is similar. Click Layout and go to Page Elements. You’ll see a wireframe of all of the elements on your blog…Simply click Add a Gadget and scroll down until you find Feed click the little + sign and you’ll see this screen. Use

Click continue and you’ll see this:

You can choose your own title and options then click Save. The feed will apear on your blog and look like this.

Once you have everything set up leave a comment here as your official entry and we’ll check it out and email you with more information. Feel free to add a link in your comment to your blog so everyone here can check it out and read some of your posts.

Here are some rules:

Apple®, iPod®, and iPod® Shuffle are registered trademarks of Apple®Inc.

We’re giving away one (1) iPod® Shuffle 1GB in the color of your choice valued approximately $49.00 and shipped directly from Apple® to your address.

Incoming traffic will be calculated using Google Analytics. We will use Google’s “Traffic Sources” report to calculate “Visitors” from your site and use the “% New Visits” to determine whether or not someone is sitting in front of their computers all day clicking links to win.

The contest runs from September 1, 2008 (12:01 AM CST) November 1, 2008 (12:01 AM CST)

Winners will be announced on our site November 2, 2008 by Noon CST. We will contact the user directly via email to arrange the prize fulfillment.

Here are all of the rules.

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  1. Sounds cool – I’ll try it, as long as you don’t take all of my readers, of course! =)

    But really nice blog, there’s a lot of good stuff.

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