Why We’re Blogging About Weight Loss and Fitness.

There are a couple of reasons. I suppose the main one would be because we think we have some interesting things to say about weight loss. We’re all a little tubby and we’re all working on getting in shape so we look good naked, continue to live healthy lives and because it feels better to be able to walk up stairs without feeling like we’re going to pass out.

So we’ve put together this blog and added some products that we actually use from Amazon and some ads from Google that look like this.

Some of the Amazon links come up with some pretty wild stuff as it tries to match the content to a product available at Amazon. The Google stuff is a list of semi-random links based on the content of the page. Since our blog is about weight loss and fitness Google throws up ads for similar websites or products. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re endorsing these products or even think they’re a good idea. It’s against the rules to specifically tell any of you to click on or purchase anything from any of these ads but they are there to help fund things like webservers and things like that.

So, if you see something intriguing with Google or the banner above reminds you that you need to buy something from Amazon go ahead and help us keep the blog rolling.