Why the Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch Rocks!

by James on November 27, 2008

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I bet your asking yourself why you need a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. Well, I’m going to answer that question and explain why having one is a cooler weight loss gadget than a pair of running shoes or a gym membership.

Here are a couple of reasons Polar believes you should buy their watch:

  1. A heart rate monitor is like a rev counter, giving a precise measurement of exercise intensity.
  2. Training at your own ideal pace is made possible with a heart rate monitor.
  3. Direct measurement of heart rate during exercise is the most accurate way to gauge performance.
  4. Progress can be monitored and measured, increasing motivation.
  5. It maximizes the benefits of exercise in a limited amount of time.
  6. It introduces objective observation. Are you on the right track? Are you improving?
  7. It is a tool for regulating frequency and intensity of workouts.
  8. Because of the immediate feedback it provides, heart rate monitoring is an ideal training partner.

While I agree with all of those the first and fourth points are why I believe everyone should have a heart rate monitor.

Heart Rate Monitor as a Rev Counter

After you open the box and run through a couple of settings like entering the time, date, your height & weight and some other stuff you get to put on the chest strap and click the exercise button. This links the watch to the chest strap and it figures out your heart rate with ECG accuracy. So you look down and your (hopefully) loping along at under 90 or so beats per minute. Jump up and down a couple of times and the number should go up a little bit as your heart rate rises.

In a nutshell, your heart pumps blood from your lungs (where its oxygenated) to the muscles (where oxygen is used as fuel) and back to the lungs again. The more you jump around looking at your new watch, the more fuel the muscles require and the harder your heart has to work to pump oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. The Polar watch detects the electrical current in your heart to calculate the number of times it beats per minute. This gives you an increadibly accurate gauge as to what speed your heart is beating and thus how much energy you’re using.

We all know that losing weight requires us to burn calories. The watch uses your heart rate to calculate the number of calories burned. A faster heart beat translates to more oxygen and fuel (calories) being burned by your muscles. So keeping your heart rate up helps burn calories and ultimately fat faster. If you’re monitoring it you can ensure that you’re always in an effective heart rate zone.

Monitoring Progress

When you exercise you click the button and the watch starts doing its thing. It reminds you with soft chirps to speed up or slow down to stay in the desired heart rate zone. Meanwhile its tiny little brain is recording every beat, calculating how much energy you’re expending and making notes in a journal for you.

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