Where Do Thanksgiving Turkeys Come From?

November 25, 2008- Chances are that, wherever your Thanksgiving turkey comes from this year, it ate soy.  It takes 75 to 80 pounds of soy-based feed to raise a 30 pound turkey.  The U.S. Soybean Export Council helps farmers throughout the world raise quality turkeys in an efficient manner.

In countries such as Morocco, Poland and Israel, USSEC conducts feeding trials that demonstrate the value of quality U.S. high protein soy-based feeds in turkey production.  By comparing results against turkeys raised at the same facilities that consume locally produced feed, USSEC helps turkey producers both realize the value of U.S. soy and maximize the efficiency of their operations.

But, where do turkeys come from?  Most likely, the turkey on most tables this Thanksgiving came from the United States.  Globally, 5.3 million metric tons of turkey are produced annually.  The United States leads world production with 2.8 million metric tons of annual turkey production.  The EU-27 and Brazil follow with 1.7 million metric tons and 458 thousand metric tons respectively.  Canada, Russia and Mexico also produce substantial quantities of turkey.

As the holiday approaches, USSEC is thankful for another record year and for the support of U.S. soybean producers and the U.S. soybean industry.  Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving.