What Happened to the Gym?

i’m wondering myself. i was devoted, motivated, addicted even. and then summer happened. well guess what school’s back in session, and so it begins. i am making a commitment to 9am workouts. i can do this. i know because from january thru july i did it. but then a funny thing happened, i got into tennis. not like venus williams style or anything. more like oh cute outfits and a new pink racket. that only lasted for a few weeks with intermittent workouts at the good old fitness factory thrown in. and then oddly enough it started to rain and i was tired, so the tennis screeched to a halt and the gym was no longer habit.

fortunately the big bad eighty pounds has managed to stay off. i’ve recommitted to weight watchers in full force, with the exclusion of vacation week, and the gym will happen. it’s paid for, i’m gonna just go for it. during vacation i came to the realization that i miss the burn. two flights of stairs to the water coupled with long walks in the surf has a tendency to remind you of the burn. so i’m embracing it, right after i finish this bean dip. tomorrow i’m going to wake up and pack the gym bag, then hit the tread-climber and burn.

a little motivation. fat pictures always make you want to work harder.first off the all time fatness. scary spice.

minus 70 lbs.
minus 70 lbs.

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  1. It’s interesting that since we started this blog everyone is talking about how they’re getting back into the gym or starting to work out again. Hopefully we can inspire ourselves as well as all of our readers to get fit and lose weight.

    I’m having fun with this and I hope the rest of you are too.

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