Visage A Trois

Much like hearing your voice on a recording, seeing oneself in a three-way mirror can be a shock to the system.  Prior to this, it’s easy to imagine that you’re a two dimensional being with only the one angle.  “So what you’re telling me is that I, too, have a backside?  And that’s what all my followers have been looking at?”  It’s a paradigm shift a la ass.

Getting dressed in the morning, the mirror in my mind (chock full of delusions – grandeur and the like) would have me think I’m rather svelte.  It is only after consulting actual mirror that I realize I can’t pull off horizontal stripes.  And that’s fine; I leave the nautical look to Frenchie sailors.  But whose to say what’s happening in the rear view?

Firstly, I never knew how large my nose looked in profile.  Cyrano de St. Louis.  Save for the knife, there’s not much to be done about that.  And who wants the knife?

Secondly, I must start working on my posture.  Sub par.

Thirdly, thank God for asses and waistlines.  The back would be so hum-drum without them.  I even started to think mine could stand to be bigger.   J. Lo say what?

Homework for this week is to examine yourself in a three way mirror.  If needs be, do some lunges.