the geometry behind healthy living

The shape most associated with healthy eating is a triangle.  A wide base informing of us of what is most healthy narrowing to the forbidden food point.  Back in the old days we learned that fats, oils, and sweets were a big no no and that they should be used sparingly.  As in spare your body from the fatness that will ensue.  Bread, rice, and pasta made up the base of foods that should be consumed the most throughout the day.  I think we all know what happens after lots of bread and lots of pasta, lots of pounds.  The USDA got a little smarter and the health sciences picked up the pace to combat our ever growing population.  So the food pyramid flipped on its side and now we get to climb it.  “My Pyramid” falls into the category of “new look, same great taste,”  essentially its the same information with a hip new look.  We should now try to make half of our large grain portion whole grains and find time to fit in some physical activity.

Thanks to Harvard for stepping it up a notch and telling us what we really need to hear in the Healthy Eating Pyramid.  The pyramid is flipped back over and the “building blocks” theme has been reincarnated.  This time the base is comprised of daily excercise and weight control (that scary word portion control looms its ugly head once more).  Whats more surprising is fats and oils are located on the wider end of the triangle and there is even a place for alchohol.  We’ve switched over to all whole grains and even added a daily vitamin.  Changes I can live with.

If you are interesed in more information and background on the Healthy Eating Pyramid click here.

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