The 4-Hour Body

I am reading this awesome new book on my Kindle. Get it if you want to lose fat or go from “Geek to Freak” by gaining huge amounts of muscle.

It’s both fun to read and informative.

As the good Dr. Noakes also said to me about one Olympic training regimen: “This [approach] could be totally wrong, but it’s a hypothesis worth disproving.” It’s important to look for hypotheses worth disproving. Science starts with educated (read: wild-ass) guesses. Then it’s all trial and error. Sometimes you predict correctly from the outset. More often, you make mistakes and stumble across unexpected findings, which lead to new questions. If you want to sit on the sidelines and play full-time skeptic, suspending action until a scientific consensus is reached, that’s your choice. Just realize that science is, alas, often as political as a dinner party with die- hard Democrats and Republicans. Consensus comes late at best. Don’t use skepticism as a thinly veiled excuse for inaction or remaining in your comfort zone. Be skeptical, but for the right reason: because you’re looking for the most promising option to test in real life. Be proactively skeptical, not defensively skeptical. Let me know if you make a cool discovery or prove me wrong. This book will evolve through your feedback and help…