I’m down 4.6 pounds in 5 days.  Not too shabby considering I was out of town 2 of those days.  Reference Timothy Ferriss in 4 Hour Body, “Having followed this diet in 30+ countries, I can state without exception that travel is not a legitimate excuse for breaking the rules.”

I took a bag of almonds with me and ate those instead of the “fruit” bar and crackers they were handing out on the plane.

When I ate at restaurants I asked for substitutions.  I didn’t even mess with the breakfast potatoes –   I figured if they were on my plate I’d eat them.  So I asked for veggies instead.  The waitress initially said they didn’t have any vegetables – but I asked for the ones they had listed in the veggie omelet and said I’d pay extra.  Suddenly it wasn’t a problem.

Ferriss refers to the extra $1 to $3 we pay for substitutions as a sixpack tax.  I’m no where close to a sixpack, but I’ll happily pay $1 for veg if it means I’m down 4.6.


25.4 to go / 55 days