Strictly Business Trip

In an amazing feat of strength and agility, I came home from a three day business trip to LA and was DOWN A POUND!!


To clarify why this is such an accomplishment, I will outline the typical course of action on business trips:


  • Fly In to Host City, become bloated and puffy on plane
  • Arrive at destination: eat meal filled with fat and carbohydrates on company dime
  • Go to meeting, lots of talking and sitting
  • Done with meeting, lots of drinking and more eating, typically with reckless abandon… my tummy thinks, “they don’t have any of these restaurants in St Louis… must eat as much as possible”
  • Wake up next day (most likely hung over), eat greasy breakfast food to compensate… if at nice hotel, order room service and eat while still in bed
  • Get out of bed to find cupcake place, purchase in large quantities as said cupcakes may never be available again
  • Eat cupcakes
  • Go back to airport, sit and wait for plane, buy crappy/salty/expense/unhealthy packaged airport food to have on plane
  • Eat food while waiting, drink alcohol to make waiting more bearable
  • Eat on plane, maybe drink on plane, Sit, Sit, Sit on plane
  • Get home late, feel tired and gross
  • Wake up FOUR pounds heavier 

Here is how I made it work:


  • Replaced drinking alcohol with drinking herbal tea
  • Brought my own healthy snacks (popcorn, almonds, raspberries, protein bars)
  • Went to Whole Foods and purchased healthy options to eat on return plane trip (was a bit nervous about taking through security but even tofu does not qualify as liquid and is allowed)
  • When eating out, focused on eating fresh, healthy foods – took advantage of California produce…eat local, think global
  • Did bending and stretching exercises in the morning…tried to walk as much as possible when not sitting
  • Only ate one cupcake….

Essentially, with a little planning and a bit of self restraint (I only had ONE cupcake), you can be successful on even the swankiest of business trips!