Long Ride – With a Couple Street Festivals for Fun

The trusty Garmin was fully charged for today’s ride.

I stopped by the pool to meet Laura for a bit. I somehow resisted the urge to jump in. I don’t understand how the tri guys can jump on a bike with soaking wet shorts.

After stopping by the pool I headed down Wydown to the Starbucks and had some tea. On the way back I caught up to the SLU cycling team (stuck at a stop light) and got dropped pretty quickly.

I swung by Laura’s house and we rode over to the Festival of Nations at Tower Grove Park. We didn’t feel like we’d had enough festivities so we cruised over to LouFest at Forest Park. Unfortunately, it was $35 to get in so we had a cocktail at The Boathouse instead.

I rode with Laura back to her house and the Garmin started to complain about its battery so I cranked home pretty fast. I rode 27.7 miles in all and the last 3 where at about 15mph. A pretty good day. Taking a few breaks for tea, kabobs and the like is kind of nice. I imagine if I were super motivated I could ride 30 miles non-stop but why suffer when I’m just out for a good time.