smackdown- round 2

official weigh in results: -7.2lbs

alright. so we’re off and running. i feel that the efforts of last week have paid off. thursday in lieu of power pump i did yoga. great for calming the mind, not so great for fitness. today i have done nothing. it’s chilly out, i’m feeling lazy. fall is in the air and with that comes the temptation to eat fatty nasty comfort foods. so i did myself a favor and bought the new weight watchers “best eats” cookbook. i’ll be researching and shopping for comfort foods that lack fat, but hopefully not flavor.

in the interest of saving the planet and it’s desolate inhabitants, weight watchers has launched the “lose for good” campaign. i’m getting behind this one full force. two things happen: i lose, hungry people get the equivalent of my loss in pounds of food. officially starting next week, by not being a fatso i get to feed the hungry. i can handle that. shift some assets around. and it’s all in good fun. today we discussed the hidden meanings of said campaign slogan and also came up with lose the weight for good. i like that one too. it’s not coming back. normally one would consider going up to be harder than coming down. in the game of weight loss that’s simply not true. every pound lost is just waiting to creep back on. so get serious now. hopefully when the holidays hit you with a ton of fat, you’ll already be in the routine of healthy eating and exercise. it’s battle time, be prepared.

so find some good recipes, look for your cold weather workout gear, and stay motivated. if you don’t want to join the “lose for good” campaign, start one of your own. give a can for every pound lost, every mile run, or every workout to your local food pantry. better yet give something to yourself. rewards motivate. so use a dollar a pound/mile and save up for those running shoes you’ve been eyeing or a pair of heels. whatever gets you going. just get going.

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  1. Ok. So I’ll give you it to you this week. I was ONLY down 4.6 pounds. I can’t just let you win without making some snide remark about how you were up last week, however. So your net isn’t quite seven… it may actually be under 4.

    But really you are the winner and I am just doing shady accounting so I don’t feel bad about myself

    I’ll also take this opportunity to reissue the challenge. This time, the contest also counts toward the “Loose for Good” campaign so we have even more reason to get skinny!

    Good luck…

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