smackdown round 1

so as many of you know, laura has issued a challenge. i’m going to assume it’s directed at me. i mean i’m the one extolling the virtues of weight watchers. okay, i’ll bite. beginning today it’s on.

i realize that last week i said it was on too. it’s on bigger now. today we went on a major 16 mile ride. i got killed. i failed to remember the heart monitor. big mistake. i have to rely on second hand data. the point is. keep track. so i’m tracking. bike 1, me 0. i will get into gear before it’s too cold. i’m doing power pump again tomorrow at fitness factory. it will hurt, but i will live. i’m going all out. wednesday is creeping up. that means official scale time. not looking forward to it.

i’m counting points, i’m drinking the water, i’m kicking my own ass workout wise. i’m not competitive, but i sure do hate to lose. if there’s going to be a competition i’m going to follow all the rules. hopefully i’ll come out ahead or at least burn some fat trying. besides i have to keep the legs looking good.

this is my official before photo:

before as in pre-challenge. taken one week ago during the fattening vacation. good times, too much good food. so we’re on now. let’s see where this goes.

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