Seriously? Pumped Up

This morning I woke up and went to my spinning class. Frankly, it wasn’t great. Even with missing PowerPump yesterday (dinner obligations with out of town guests), my muscles were sore from Tueseday’s famed class. When your legs feel like they may collapse out from under you at any moment, and you’ve got that sort of nauseous feeling because its only 6am… its really hard to stand up on the bike and sprint, or sit down and sprint. Or do anything for that matter.

So there I am on my bike, kind of half assing my way through class… listening to the music, checking out the other riders, gazing about in general. As I am day dreaming, I take some the time to notice myself in the mirror.

Damn. My shoulders look hot.

We did some crazy moves in Tuesday’s PowerPump that I am now sure gave me almost instant results. I think for a second it might be the low lighting in the spinning room…. So I contort my body all around to make sure I’m not viewing some fake out “shadow muscles”…then I get all jazzed because I realize … no shadows… just looking good.

So even though my legs were killing me, I made it through class…. Gazing about and all. Then I decided, just for good measure, I was going to go to some of those shoulder lifting moves so on Monday I can do some more admiring of myself in the mirror.

Imagine my horror and surprise when I walk out to the main gym and see the essentially the entire spinning class doing some extended work. I realized pretty quickly this is their normal routine: every one stays after to lift!

Seriously?! They are not just hard core, they are S-E-R-I-O-U-S about their fitness.

One lady was doing the ab machine. Another guy was doing curls. Two chicks were executing walking lunges with 10 pound weights in each hand…. And then there was somebody doing dead lifts! I just stood there with my mouth open.

Typically, I leave right after class. I’m all sweaty and beat and I want to get into my own shower. Apparently I didn’t get the memo: spinning is just the first hour of work out. For every one whos any one at the Ballys in Fairview… well, hour two is pump it up time.

Dang! I’m gonna have to do more than just some shoulder presses….