Running – Last Night Hurt…Bad

So once again home from work, lace up the New Balance and hit the road.

I figured by now my lungs and legs would be accustomed to the abuse and not retaliate as much as they did. I thought that 24 hours of sleep, sitting in an office and doing nothing would have been adequate for recovery. But last night hurt. I am so looking forward to a night off.

We’re heading down to the Taste of St. Louis tonight. I am going to enjoy whatever my buddy Thom from Portabella comes up with. They’re a white table cloth kind of place but at the Clayton Art Fair they made some pan fried burgers. I deserve one of those after a week of running. I’ll probably have some of their “Kick Ass Fries” coated in asiago cheese and garlic olive oil too. They’re almost so good you don’t need ketchup.

Anyway, we’re headed to Forrest Park tomorrow. I thought I was good for the 6 mile loop using our run/walk pace, Cate and last night convinced me otherwise. I am still excited about my future life as a runner. I’m going to keep pushing until it feels good to continue running instead of only feeling good when I can finally see the house again.

Running hurt me last night but it was a good kind of pain.