Power Pump

you know when i think of power pump, i think of a sexy pair of black patent leather stilettos. that is not what this refers to. power pump in this case is a life-threatening hour of squats, lunges, and screaming for your mother, weights included. i’m hoping this experiment in torture pays big dividends. namely sexy legs and a nice butt. if the instructor is any indication, it will happen. how many weeks of torture? i wish i knew.

i’m doing good on the points and i’ve worked out hard the last two days. i’m hoping i can keep it up. official weigh-in has been moved back to friday, due to scheduling conflicts. so that gives us two more days of fierce working it. we’ll see what i can do. tomorrow morning- bike ride. not a 16 mile death ride, just some good old fashioned 5-10 mile calorie burning joyriding. hopefully the rain doesn’t happen until late in the day. forecast not so good. outlook positive.

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