post vacation assesment

so wednesday is weigh-in official style. no standing on one foot, hopping up and down or otherwise tricking the scale. i’m up close to 4lbs. vacation is bad for the diet. sure, i walked on the beach and did the steps at least twice a day, but always with a drink in hand and after a huge meal. back to the grind. long days fixing the hair problems of the world and eating reasonably. not to mention the recomittment to gym membership. this week is going to suck. necessary evil. i will rid myself of the vacation flab by next week. i will force myself to hide the fat jeans. i will only wear the small work pants until they are loose again. i will conquer the pie and pork steaks of last week.

plan of attack-

tread-climber 3x this week for 45 minutes

two bike rides of at least 45 minutes

time at the pool to remind myself fat in a swimsuit is bad, plus laps for good measure

minimal drinking this weekend

stay on the points

drink water like a maniac

this will surely work. it’s worked before. now for the hard part, follow through. only the scale will tell next wednesday. i can lie to myself, but not to the official scale. it knows.

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