I’m down 4.6 pounds in 5 days.  Not too shabby considering I was out of town 2 of those days.  Reference Timothy Ferriss in 4 Hour Body, “Having followed this diet in 30+ countries, I can state without exception that travel is not a legitimate excuse for breaking the rules.”

I took a bag of almonds with me and ate those instead of the “fruit” bar and crackers they were handing out on the plane.

When I ate at restaurants I asked for substitutions.  I didn’t even mess with the breakfast potatoes –   I figured if they were on my plate I’d eat them.  So I asked for veggies instead.  The waitress initially said they didn’t have any vegetables – but I asked for the ones they had listed in the veggie omelet and said I’d pay extra.  Suddenly it wasn’t a problem.

Ferriss refers to the extra $1 to $3 we pay for substitutions as a sixpack tax.  I’m no where close to a sixpack, but I’ll happily pay $1 for veg if it means I’m down 4.6.


25.4 to go / 55 days

Around Town on the Mountain Bike

I took the mountain bike out for a quick spin around the city. It took me a moment to realize I could jump curbs, ride down stairs and ignore potholes. I did a couple of climbs on the cobblestones at the landing and cruised down Washington Avenue.

The time and speed both look pretty slow but I was moving at a pretty good pace considering the two and a half inch tires with only 35psi in them.

60 to 30 by 30

Its been a long, long time since my last post.   I’ve gained 20 plus pounds.  And that’s not just because I fell and broke my coccyx.  Nope.  That happened in November and now its March.  I’ll tell you a little secret: I’ve gained weight because I haven’t had any exercise and I’m eating more.  Whats worse, I’m eating all that bad stuff like sugar and carbs.

So, here we are.  I’ll be 30 years old in 60 days.  I’m sort of OK with that, but I’d be much happier if I was 30 and a lot lighter.  I’m actually going to officially try for 30 pounds by 30 — I like the ring of it.   60 days to 30 pounds down by my 30th birthday.  And truth be told I need to lose about 75 pounds.  For all you 2 pound a week folks, I realize I’ve waited until just 2 months before the big date.  The math on that is 3.75 pounds per week.  I know its a little extreme – but hey!  Lets try our best and see where we end up.  If I hit 20 pounds I’m still winning!

I’m starting off today by going to spinning.  Its an old favorite of mine, and its a great one for burning calories.  I think whilst at the gym (for the first time since the summer) I’ll also do a few reps for my arms.

In terms of diet, I’ll be following the beloved Atkins.  I’ve also been reading the 4 hour body.  I think the trade there is bacon for beans, but I do like the one day a week cheat so I may lean more towards that.

Wish me luck.  I’ll keep you posted!

My Version of Eggs Benedict

Poached EggsAn apology to all you purists out there, I poached the eggs hard and obviously forgo the English muffin.

It is possible to poach eggs without the special pan…it’s easier with it. I brushed in some coconut oil and gave each cup a quarter twist from the pepper and salt mill. These were left to simmer to my desired consistency.

Once the eggs are done I used the poaching pan as a double boiler with a smaller pan to make the hollandaise sauce. Two egg yolks, a healthy pat of butter and salt whisked together with ground cayenne pepper, lemon juice and a bit of Tapatio. This step has to be done at very low temperature for the precise amount of time or you’ll end up with spicy egg yolk scrambled eggs.

The bacon was cooked on a half-sheet pan lined with parchment for about 20 minutes at 410. Every time you get really good bacon at a restaurant they’ve cooked it in the oven, just do it that way from now on.

Plate it up and enjoy.

Bacon Tastes Good After a Weekend Hiatus

I usually have a cheat day where I eat anything I want on Saturdays. This weekend I was a bit off so it turned into Friday through Sunday cheat weekend. Truth be told, I had a couple of cocktails and some nachos on Thursday too.

I tried to shape things up on Sunday but the football game enticed me with it’s chips and dips and some delicious peanut butter cookies my mom made.

Well, I’m back to being strict.

Being Cold Burns Fat

Here’s another pearl of wisdom from Four Hour Body by Tim Ferris.

Men acutely exposed to cold for two hours (in a liquid-conditioned suit perfused with 10°C [50°F] water) have been observed to increase heat production by 2.6-fold and increase the oxidation rate of plasma glucose by 138%, of muscle glycogen by 109%, and of lipids by 376%. Raising the body’s heat in response to cold exposure is done mostly by burning lipids (50%), then glycogen from muscles (30%), then blood glucose and proteins (10% each).

Burning 376% more fat by being a bit cold seems like a good trade off. Continue reading “Being Cold Burns Fat”

Two Fourteen Point Eight

I’m below 215 again after my weekend cheat day. I’m looking forward to another Saturday binge (hopefully in chicago) which will most likely include a delicious burger, some mexican food and maybe a bagel breakfast sandwich.

I’ll try to remember to take photos of everything I eat and post them here. Sometimes I forget during the feeding frenzy.