Oh Thank Heaven. Obama vs. McCain at 7-Eleven

I realize that this is a weight loss blog and that this post is going to be terribly off topic. However, it’s my blog and I’m allowed to write about whatever I want. You can make you’re own decisions on weather or not you’d like to read it. For those of you truly looking for information about diet and nutrition skip to the end and I’ll loosely tie it together for you.

So this morning I went to 7-Eleven (Downtown St. Louis, Missouri) to buy the things one normally buys at a convenience store in the morning and I see this sign out front. I whip out my handy iPhone and snap a photo because I think its pretty good advertising and a cool idea.

I’m not really into coffee from 7-Eleven because I’m planning on going to Rooster to get some low carb scrambled eggs and thick cut bacon. (There’s a little Diet & Nutrition snippet for you)

Anyway, I stroll past the coffee counter and snapped this photo…

It looks like the patrons of the 7-Eleven in St. Louis City are leaning heavily towards Obama. I saw a middle aged women in a pant suit walking out with the independent white cup and thought she was probably would have grabbed the red one if no one was watching.

OK, here’s the on topic part for everyone… The New York Times says Coffee, even with the metabolism boosting effects of caffeine, isn’t going to help us lose weight.

Weight loss. Here’s a bummer. Although caffeine speeds up metabolism, with 100 milligrams burning an extra 75 to 100 calories a day, no long-term benefit to weight control has been demonstrated. In fact, in a study of more than 58,000 health professionals followed for 12 years, both men and women who increased their caffeine consumption gained more weight than those who didn’t. (From Sorting Out Coffee’s Contradictions on NYTimes.com)

Oh well, you should still enjoy a cup or two for all the other benefits…drink it black or doctor it up with some Splenda.

Grab your java in whatever color jives with your polical views over at 7-Eleven. You can check the national results over at www.7-election.com where Obama is currently waloping McCain at 58 to 42 percent.

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