Ode to Fad Diets

I miss the days of fad diets, of loosing 4 pounds in one day, of eating nothing but cabbage soup, or bacon and cheese.  I miss knowing that while it can’t possibly last, it will be fast and relatively painless.  I miss dropping a size in a week and feeling …. Not quite healthy, but good…. Thin even.


I have been religiously working out for six weeks now.  Every morning (and every night for that matter) I get on the scale.  The numbers are not budging! I am starting to seriously mourn the days of Atkins and injections (don’t ask) and quick weight loss, and fad diets.


My one consolation to all this eating healthy, working out, half a pound a week weight loss is that…. My jeans actually fit better.  But I want to SCREAM! Because they are still the same size jeans. 


I keep telling myself if I just stick with it, surely the numbers will change. I know I feel healthier.  Not anybody could make it through that hour long spinning class at 5:45am.  Surely that is a sign of good health?  I barely made it through PowerPump last night… but I did.  And that has to be a good sign too, right?  My fitness watch is telling me I’m in my target heart rate zone more consistently, and I recover back to normal rate more quickly.  I have more energy and I even… like working out.


But I want to be THIN!


I will focus on convincing myself that healthy is good.  Whole grains are not the enemy!  There are other vegetables besides just cabbage!  I can eat well and keep up the exercise… and I WILL loose weight. 


If I’m honest, I just love, love, love fad diets and skinny really is my ultimate goal…but HEALTHY is not such a bad runner up. 


Goodbye, fad diets.  Goodbye, fast weight loss.  Hello new lifestyle.  Hello healthy.