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“the BIG sister”

i have always been the big sister. big as in older, big as in fatter, big as in loud and outspoken. just big.

then one day in the land of reality i decided at 28 it was about time to work on this big thing. so i’m still older, i’m still loud and outspoken, but i’m not the fattest anymore. the jury’s still out on who is at this point, but i don’t think its me anymore. the transformation from fatso to pleasantly plump began in november of last year. it’s taken considerable time and has not been in any way easy. i will say though, that it hasn’t been nearly as impossible as i made it out to be. officially i’m down 80lbs. that’s a lot. sometimes i forget how much because i’m not done. i will never be done. this is the new way of living. not to be an info-mercial but the weight watchers is what did it. counting points is my new religion. i do it every day all day. and when i screw up, i start again the next day. it only works if you do it. there is not any quick fix, there is not any magic pill, there is only hard work and dedication. if you need to lose 5 pounds or 100 pounds the method is still the same. eat less, work out harder. we all know it, but somehow none of us want to accept it. no matter what your personal goal is the reality is this: put down the ice cream and get moving.

Quick Stats about Me:

Sex: Female

Height: 5′5′

Weight: 196

Age: 28

Hair: blonde- right now

Eyes: grey-blue

Day Job: hairstylist

Long Term Hard Core Goal: be somewhere on that chart that says you’re an acceptable weight

Short Term Goal: lose 5 pounds in september

alright. so here we go. i’m going to do this, are you? because losing just one pound a week is four pounds a month, 24 pounds in six months and 52 pounds in a year. doesn’t seem so inconsequential when you think about it over the long term. because the long term is what matters. starvation for three weeks to fit into a dress, not that hard. committing to a new wardrobe when you’re down six sizes that’s tough.

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