My Version of Eggs Benedict

Poached EggsAn apology to all you purists out there, I poached the eggs hard and obviously forgo the English muffin.

It is possible to poach eggs without the special pan…it’s easier with it. I brushed in some coconut oil and gave each cup a quarter twist from the pepper and salt mill. These were left to simmer to my desired consistency.

Once the eggs are done I used the poaching pan as a double boiler with a smaller pan to make the hollandaise sauce. Two egg yolks, a healthy pat of butter and salt whisked together with ground cayenne pepper, lemon juice and a bit of Tapatio. This step has to be done at very low temperature for the precise amount of time or you’ll end up with spicy egg yolk scrambled eggs.

The bacon was cooked on a half-sheet pan lined with parchment for about 20 minutes at 410. Every time you get really good bacon at a restaurant they’ve cooked it in the oven, just do it that way from now on.

Plate it up and enjoy.