LOST Videos Part I

At Atomicdust, we have a slight obsession with the television series Lost. The fact that we have more than one image of John Locke hanging around our office should be proof enough, but just in case you’re not sold…

Matt, our resident Lost expert, not only hosts finale parties at the end of each season, but he comes up with invitations, decorations, and videos to accompany them.

That’s right, we said videos.

This isn’t your typical fan video from YouTube. This is not images of Kate and Jack (or Kate and Sawyer, or Sawyer and Juliet or…) set to ‘Endless Love.’ This video has a plot, ‘acting’, and parts of it were even filmed on location in Costa Rica.

Just in time for the big premiere tonight, Matt has released Part One of the Season 6 Finale Video on his blog Matt’s Lost His Mind!

Check it out (and make sure to look for Atomicdust-ers Mike and Matt in starring roles!):
Part One of the LOST Season 6 Finale Video