Atkins v. WW Smackdown Tracking


Net loss: 12.2 pounds

9/29/2008: Finally back to pre wedding indulgence weight. 


Net loss: 9 pounds


Thoughts: Not terrible for a month, but I can do better.  There were some hiccups and a bit of non-compliance with the plan.  I am focusing on eating “real” food, eating fruits/veggies, taking fiber, etc.


9/22/08: Well, theres been a bit of a time lapse, hasn’t there?  We all know the wedding added about 10 pounds.  I can happily report today, I am not back to pre-wedding weight but I am back on track.  I am down a total of 5.8 net from start…so only a bit of pudge remaining from overindulge at the soirie.  Should be off by end of week…


Down 8.6 total.  Feeling good.


The scale is my friend this morning. Feeling happy about Atkins.


Net Weight Loss: 6.0 pounds


Activity: PowerFlex at Bally Total Fitness, 473 calories, 4 activity points



Frustrated by slow, unsteady, virtually nonexistent weight loss via Weight Watchers program. 


Decided to rejoin the Atkins party and lose some seriously weight in time for the upcoming J/C Nuptials.


Food: According to WW, I ate 35 points.  In Atkins terms, that’s an omelet for breakfast, some chicken and vegetables for lunch, and tuna salad wrapped in lettuce cups for dinner.


Activity: Grueling 2 hour bike ride.  18 activity points. 1200 calories. 16 miles.


Net Weight Loss: Zero (start day)

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