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I’m thirty-three years old and am currently hovering around 250 pounds. I’ve been as thin as 195 and as heavy as 285 but for the past seven or so years I’ve been pretty fat.

That me on the far right at 185 with my climbing buddies.
That me on the far right at 185 with my climbing buddies.

I’ve tried various diets and killing myself at the gym and have dropped a lot of weight but it always seems to come back at stressful times in my life or when I get lazy. Hopefully this website will help you along your path to weight loss by chronicling my pitfalls and helping you avoid them.

I know that I’m not one of those 400 pound guys that is going to lose half their weight but not everyone has that much to loose. All of the information in this site will certainly help people with tons of weight to loose but being even a little fat like me leads to health problems, the inability to play with your kids and a slew of other issues.

I am currently using the TNT Diet which is low carb with strategic, or as they would say targeted, carbohydrate loading on heavy work out days. It’s working quite well for me and I’d suggest reading the book.

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