Is it Measurable?

I work at a marketing agency. Anytime we start a project with a client we define and set measurable goals for the campaign. These goals and measurements give us something concrete to work towards and the ability to make adjustments in strategy should the need arise.

Setting goals and having an initial set of measurements will help in achieving fitness or fat loss. Lets take it one step further. Instead of I want to be skinny, or healthy define something that’s actionable. I want to fit into a size 33 skinny fit 7 for all mankind jeans. I want to reduce have 10 percent body fat. I want to have a visible six pack.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any official measurements other than total weight on the scale when I started all of this. I do have some circumference measurements from my pants size but I wish I had measured my waist, hips, biceps and thighs.

Once you have a specific and measurable goal you can make tweaks to your diet and exercise program to get you closer to your goal. It often requires only small adjustments which are also, conveniently, easier to measure.

For the next two weeks I am eliminating Splenda and keeping everything else the same. I’ll report back with my measurable results. I also ordered a MyoTape so I’ll get some measurements for everyone while my weight is at 220 pounds.