I’m Currently Reading Good Calories, Bad Calories

In Good Calories, Bad Calories Gary Taubes reviews the medical research that established connections between fat and cholesterol in our diets and heart disease. Traubs shows how this well accepted dogma has never been proven and makes a clear case that carbohydrates are responsible for obesity. The “diseases of civilization” are exacerbated by following the advice of these studies and subscribing to a fat is bad hypothesis.

I’m currently reading the first section and the reviews of the research that lead us to believe in low-fat diets is startling.

Here are a few truths that most Americans, including doctors, would consider blasphemous.

  • Dietary fat does not make us fat
  • The link to dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels is very weak or non-existant
  • Lowering total cholesterol does not improve mortality rates

Wild and crazy I know. Read the book…it will make more sense.

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