I’m having an affair…

I’m having an affair… taking it to the courts…


The tennis courts that is! 


Chingy and I visited our long lost tennis club last night.  It was perfect – a crisp 72 degrees, the gentle buzz of the early autumn insects against the hum of the stadium lights… Well, court lights anyway.


Friends…  I love me some tennis.  I had completely forgotten what an insane workout it is as well as the level of delight it brings me. 


Based on my fitness watch calculations, in a set and a half (we were too winded to complete the entire second set so we played to four), there were approximately 700 calories burned in a quick yet exciting 45 minutes.


I believe tennis is so effective at burning calories because it’s similar to running…but amped up.  Basically, if you are competitive (and I am), tennis is a hard core series of wind sprints with a bit of hitting the ball around.


Love it!


Sorry treadmill!  I’m stepping out!