Laura and I arrived at Forest Park early Saturday morning, layered up and ready to run.  I was a little nervous to take part in my first organized run but figured that if a fifth grader could do it so could I.  We met Cathi and James and set out through a sea of girls to find our running buddies.  After finding the girls we approached the starting line, did a little stretching, and took off.

After awhile of running, my buddy informed me that we only had one mile left.  I knew that this could not be true.  It didn’t seem like we had been running very long or gotten very far.  I didn’t have my nike+ to check our stats but was quite certain that my little friend was confused.  We kept our pace going and a little later heard officials cheering us on and saying, “you’re almost there!”  I was still slightly confused.  Running had never been this enjoyable/painless for me.  Sure enough as we rounded the corner the finish line became visible.

It was an awesome feeling to cross that line, knowing that I had accomplished something I never thought I would and realizing that I helped a young girl do the same.