Fast for Me – Sixteen Miles in an Hour

I’m guessing it was the weather or maybe just being in a better mood but I just cranked out 15.99 miles in a touch over one hour on the bike.

I felt like I was dragging a little on the way out. I’m going to blame it on the gusty headwind. After sitting at Starbucks for a couple of minutes drinking a Green/Black tea I felt a little queasy. I hung out for a while and felt a bit better so I decided not to whimp out and take the Metro home. Besides, 18 Susan B. Anthony dollars would be kind of annoying. In hindsight I could have just gotten change at Starbuckies.

Anyway, I started rocking towards home and cranked it up a little. Maybe the gusty headwind was now a tail wind and maybe Hanley towards The River is sort of downhill but I moved my average speed of 15.23 on the way out to 15.77 for the entire ride. Booyeah…thats a fast ride for me.

My old Chase to Home time trial average speed from June 19 was 15.5mph over 3.5 miles.

It looks like all of my hard work is finally paying off. The scale read 224.8 this morning and I’m getting faster on the bike. I just have to work on running. No, I am not entering any triathlons…I’d hate to have to ride a bike with soggy shorts.

Check out the Laps on the detail page. There are a few above 18mph and one that almost kissed 19mph.