Fall in love again

I just fell in love again… with my treadmill.

I know you’re thinking… “She owns a treadmill?…  And shes chubby?”

Nonesense, right?  One would think these things are mutually exclusive by they are not my friends.


Happily, I got back on the treadmill.  I believe this is due to my extreme laziness that has prevented me from driving 5 miles to my gym and attending spinning classes.


How fun is it to watch Wheel of Fortune when running?  You have no idea!  Lemme break it down:


A – I love Wheel of Fortune

B – I love shouting– even when it’s just answers at the TV

C – Apparently I love running again.  I feel so stealthy!


Maybe I was inspired by James’ running experiment… or maybe it feels good to run when you are down 10 or so pounds and have less chub to lug around… maybe I felt motivated because I got a postcard from my friends at weight watchers congratulating me on my benchmark loss of 10 pounds…


All I know is…I’m in love again.  Its like a new romance – or more accurately, a reconciled one.  I know my treadmill has been there for me all along – waiting by itself in the corner, just hoping I would jump on.  And I did!  I feel whole again. 


Treadmill, “you complete me”. 


XOXO, Laura