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The skinny Dixson.  You would think being dubbed “the skinny one” would come standard with a desire to maintain physcial fitness.  Really its more of a pass to a laissez-faire lifestyle.  I go back and forth between working out religiously and making excuses.  Well the new school year has started and the swimsuit season is almost over.  Which means really I don’t have a solid reason to work out.  I am not trying to shed some pounds before the big vacation or get fit for the high school reunion.  Oddly enough it is at these times that I am more likely to maintain a workout schedule.  I guess that’s the difference between being fit for others and being healthy for yourself.

Sex: Female
Height: 5′8″
Weight: 133.6 (I love digital scales!)
Age: 24
Day Job: Math Teacher
Goal:  To consistently run an 8 minute mile and maintain weight at 127

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