Ellen vs. Running

It’s 5:45 am. I hear the alarm and instantly start making excuses. It didn’t seem like such a lofty goal when I made it but now the thought of lacing up my nikes seems almost impossible. It’s still dark outside. That must be unsafe, maybe I should wait til a little later. I roll over and press the snooze button. Ten minutes later the alarm starts screaming at me again. “Wake up! Just do it!” I calculate how long it will take me to run, shower and get ready, and make it to work for an early morning meeting. It might be cutting it close. Who am I kidding, it’s enough time. When I set the alarm last night I added in an extra twenty minutes of snooze time. That means I still have another snooze left. I click the button and once again fall back asleep. I sleep until the back up alarm rings at 6:30. I wonder why I even bother as I roll out of bed and walk to the shower. I make a promise to myself that I will run today no matter what.

At 4 o’clock when I should be heading home I find myself still at my desk planning for next week. This is silly. I can’t even fool myself. Staying at work is yet another way to kill time so I won’t actually have to run. I feel my goal being pushed off to another day. I head for home and have a seat on the couch. I laze about for awhile until I realize their truly is nothing on TV. Maybe if I put my fitness gear on it will encourage me to get out the door. That plan doesn’t seem to work until Brian and Lucky walk in the door. “Oh are you going to go work out?” Ummm. “Yeah just finishing some other things up first,” I reply. The boys leave to go skate and I am once again on the couch. I really don’t want to drive all the way to the gym.

I walk outside and grab the dog’s leash. I am slightly nervous to take the dog running due to his intense intial pace and his poor people skills. We do a couple practice laps around the backyard and once he calms down head to the front yard. I strap on my ipod and click play.

3 miles later I am back at the house. Sweat is pouring down my face and burning my eyes. My face is bright red and the dog looks as if he might collapse. I give him a treat as I pour myself a glass of water and think, “was that so hard?”