Ellen – 1, Running – 0

I would like to take a minute to share with you some of todays accomplishments. Yes I know it is only 8 am but it has already been a full day. I woke up this morning at 5:45, grabbed the dog and hit the pavement. I have been working myself up for months to go running in the morning. The first phase was just thinking about it then I moved on to actually setting my alarm to snooze through it. Finally true motivation crept in on this random Tuesday morning and I rose to the occassion. Not only did I run, I ran in record time improving my sluggish mile time to 9 minutes. Something I have not done since college. I went on to complete a two mile run and since I ran too far away from home a .75 mile cool down. Kudos to Gus as well for two incident free runs in a row!

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