Down to 220 After a Momentary Lapse of Reason

I got pretty lazy once the sun started setting at 5:30. I tried to get up early and go for a ride in the morning but then it was just cold and windy. I also had a few dinner reservations at really good restaurants and started eating carbs. Bagels in the morning at the office, the drunk trip to Jack in the Box, Thanksgiving feasts and several other temptations that I succumbed to reversed my fat loss and bumped me to 235 pounds. Gross.

I’ve been hitting it pretty hard since the Monday after Thanksgiving and now I can successfully report that I’ve lost 15 pounds in two and a half weeks. Booyeah, low-carb works and it works well if you stick to it. Tiny indulgences lead to massive breakfasts of pancakes, hash browns and toast with jelly. These are fine if you have a specific cheat day in mind. Falling back to the old ways of eating has a deleterious effect on whatever hard-earned progress you’ve made.