Cocktailing. The Diet Killer.

Drowning your diet in calorie heavy cocktails is a lot easier than you think. So before you schedule your next happy hour or bar hopping extravaganza think about what and how much you are going to drink beforehand. That way when you jump on the scale the next morning you won’t have three extra pounds to compliment your hangover.

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How Many Calories in Popular Cocktails?
Pina Colada (6 oz): 378 calories
Mojito (8 oz): 214 calories
Cosmopolitan (4 oz): 200 calories
Chocolate martini: (2 oz each vodka, chocolate liqueur, cream, 1/2 oz creme de cacao, chocolate syrup): 438
Margarita (8 oz): 280
Green apple martini (1 oz each vodka, sour apple, apple juice): 148
Martini (2.5 oz): 160
Port wine (3 oz):128
Bloody Mary (5 oz): 118
Red wine (5 oz):120
White wine (5 oz): 120
Alcohol-free wine (5 oz): 20-30
Beer (12 oz): 150-198
Light beer (12 oz): 95-136
Ultra-light beer (12 oz): 64-95
Champagne (5oz): 106-120
Coffee liqueur (3 ounces): 348
Godiva chocolate liqueur (3 oz): 310
Wine spritzer (5 oz): 100
Eggnog with rum (8 ounces): 370
Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps (8 oz): 380
Hot buttered rum (8 oz): 292
Spiced cider with rum ( 8 oz):150
Mulled wine (5 oz): 200
Vodka and tonic (8 oz): 200
Screwdriver (8 oz): 190
Mimosa (4 oz): 75
Gin and tonic (7 oz): 200
Long Island iced tea (8 oz): 780
White Russian (2 oz vodka, 1.5 oz coffee liqueur, 1.5 oz cream): 425
Mai Tai (6 oz) (1.5 oz rum, 1/2 oz cream de along, 1/2 oz triple sec, sour mix, pineapple juice): 350
Rum and Coke (8 oz): 185
Rum and Diet Coke (8 oz): 100
Mike’s Hard Lemonade (11 oz): 98

2 Replies to “Cocktailing. The Diet Killer.”

  1. Excellent post. I often forget how many calories are in mixed drinks. It’s also interesting to note that your liver is responsible for metabolizing fat into energy and while its working on a couple of cocktails it can’t burn fat. Luckily the fat burning starts up as soon as all the alcohol is processed, but who wants to wait around for that.

    So enjoy a couple of tasty adult beverages but do so in moderation and try and make choices that don’t have a bunch of sugar. I like Captain and Diet.

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