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Working out is overrated.  

Scratch that.  It’s just not for me.  I leave that kind of thing to the professionals.  Ditto dieting.  I do get curious, though.  Like when Oprah lost all that weight (most recently – before she discovered her thyroid problem) I thought, “now how in the hell did she do that?”, but after listening to ten minutes of Bob Greene, I figured I look good enough.  

My fitness philosophy (slash conspiracy theory) – the gym is filled to the gills with sado-masochists.


  • the gym
  • hot fifty year olds, ie: Madonna
  • sweat
  • fitness gurus, ie: Richard Simmons, Bob Greene the AntiChrist 
  • magazines with workout advice
  • Kelly Ripa (not fitness related)


  • have a coke and a smile (but only if it has sugar in it)
  • walk, don’t run
  • wearing your athletic gear in public isn’t fooling anyone
  • random mandatory dance parties are fun for the whole family 
  • buying bigger pants isn’t as bad as a muffin top
  • “i wish i had a pot” 
  • denying yourself cake can only lead to binge-eating later
  • if junk in the trunk made J. Lo famous, think of what it could do for you
  • a lot of things taste better than skinny feels
  • wear your confidence on your sleeve

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  1. Chingy – the greatest thing about this entire post (well – maybe second to the Kelly Ripa comment, which I find hysterical)… is the “wear your confidence on your sleeve”.

    Tall or short, big or little, hot or cold, I AGREE!

    Way to preach it! I mean, I’ll be confidently remaining at the gym but I’m buying what you’re selling!

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