Carbs = Fatness

“In contrast to the hormonal activation of adenylate cyclase and (subsequently) hormone-sensitive lipase in adipocytes, the mobilization of fat from adipose tissue is inhibited by numerous stimuli. The most significant inhibition is that exerted upon adenylate cyclase by insulin. When an individual is well fed state, insulin released from the pancreas prevents the inappropriate mobilization of stored fat. Instead, any excess fat and carbohydrate are incorporated into the triacylglycerol pool within adipose tissue.”

I was out riding my bicycle after being religiously carb free for ten days and was curious about muscle efficiency while burning fat and ketones. I stumbled upon this article and it proved an interesting point.

Typically, I make Saturdays my eat whatever I want day but I decided to skip it this week. Mostly because I destroyed myself diet-wise on May 1st when Taylor and I went on the Swinging Bridges motorcycle ride. I woke up kind of late, it was cold and we met a group at McDonald’s 75 miles from home at 8:00 am. It was Saturday so I got a sausage, egg & cheese biscuit, hash browns and another sausage biscuit…oh so good. The day progressed and I became much more liberal in my snacking and eating. We finally pulled into the Elbow Inn at 6:30pm and I started kicking back Budweisers. Sunday was more of the same followed by the family dinner at Pueblo Solis for Mexican food. I’m pretty sure I personally had an entire plate of tortilla chips and I scarfed down my burrito still wrapped in a flour tortilla. Delicious.

Monday morning I weighed 229 and my blood pressure was 155/105. I’m not sure what my BP was on Friday but I only weighed 217 pounds. Currently I’m 214 and my BP is 129/87. Anyway, back on topic. So I’ve been eating less than 20g of carbs for the last ten days and I’ve peddled the bikes for around 120 miles. I went and rode with someone pretty fast and my legs were hurting pretty bad so I started researching. FYI, your muscles work just fine on pure fat. However, it was the above quote that caught my attention.

In a nutshell, when you have insulin circulating in your system your fat cells (adipocytes) don’t release fat to be metabolized. In fact high levels of insulin cause your fat cells to store energy as triglycerides. Eating anything with carbohydrates in it raises your insulin levels, blocks the burning of fat and turns on the storage receptors.