so i’ve been absent from blog writing for a while. blame it on my jammed packed social schedule or the laziness or the lack of inspiring weight loss achievement. i feel it’s probably a mish-mosh of all three rolled into one big lack of ambition.

i’m back on. weigh in yesterday proved to be a good thing. i’m down a miraculous 3.2 pounds since the last meeting of weight watchers that i drug myself to. laura and i have recommitted to actually attending meetings in an effort to up the motivation. i’m going to really keep track of points instead of tricking myself into believing i’m not eating too badly. i want to, no need to be down 15 lbs by turkey day. it’s absolutely possible. i’m going to achieve it.

today i am going to find the heart rate monitor that has been missing in action for a month now. i cleaned out the closet to no avail about two weeks ago. i need it. the watch tells me i’ve worked hard. it gives me validation. i can’t stand working out without it. the funny thing is i’m the bare bones fitness chick. i work out in leggings from target and a tank top. i don’t even own a sports bra. the two things i choose to invest in for fitness success are expensive tennis shoes, that i love. and the damn polar fitness monitor. i even got the good one. mainly because it was pink and matches the tennis shoes, but also it has the benefit of weekly status updates. i need it back. the watch is useless without the band. if i can’t find it today i’m going to buy a new one. this is serious.

this week i’m going to try and find time in my busy life/ kick the laziness and get back on track. i want to rock the size 12 jeans that are a bit snug. i need to look incredible by thanksgiving so i can resist the goodness of mashed potatoes and pie. there are 7 weeks from today until the turkey is ready. i’m going to get ready too. it’s only a bit over 2 pounds a week. no problem. i can do it. i will do it.