Blogging Tips From the Pros

This was originally going to be an internal memo to the Paunchiness writers but I thought everyone who has a blog might be interested in some of the information. So I’ve compiled a list of links to blogs that attempt to help others who blog do a better job of blogging.

Writing Great and Interesting Content

4 Simple Tips For Writing Great Content the Right Way– from who writes:

I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again. It’s almost impossible to have a successful blog without the right priorities especially about writing great content to start off a new blog. Although it is sometimes very easy to write any type of content no matter what topic you’re talking about, there are still things to keep in mind. If you think about it, do you actually think that you’re readers are reading every single word of every single post that you write? No, I don’t think so either.”

Other great posts from SlyVisions:

13 Tips on How to Have Great Conversations On Your Blog from where Darren writes:

Lately I’ve been suggesting 11 points to take a little extra time in the posting process on a blog. We’ve looked at everything from choosing topics, to crafting titles, to calls to action, to promoting your posts.

The point of this series is simply that when you take a little extra time at each of these points in the process you add depth and increase the effectiveness of your blog post.
Today I want to share one last point to ‘pause’ – it is as important as each other point in the process (if not more so) and can take a ‘good post’ into ‘great post’ territory.

A couple of posts from ProBlogger:

How to Be Interesting – from where Jonathan Morrow writes:

“Be interesting.”

It’s good advice, but it’s nothing new. You’ve probably known from the beginning that being able to interest readers is a crucial part of growing a popular blog. It’s pretty obvious that no one is going to stick around unless they find your blog interesting.

A few other posts from Copyblogger:

So read these articles, take some time to look around their sites and then write some great content for your blog or here at Paunchiness.