Bacon is Good for You!

Homer Simpson would squeal with delight

011210_baconStarting tomorrow, the folks at The Wine & Cheese Place will launch a major offensive in the war against vegetarianism. More specifically, they’ll announce the first artisan bacon to be featured in what they deem “the year of the BACON at TWCP.”

But this is just the beginning: TWCP has huge plans, as you may have gathered from the quote. Monthly (or more frequently, depending on demand – c’mon, biweekly!), the stores will feature a new and different artisan bacon in what’s basically a bacon-of-the-month club … except you don’t have to sign up for anything, do any research or pay shipping costs. All you have to do is arrive in time to buy some before it sells out.

According to TWCP, the fastest and surest way to get details is through its blog or Facebook page. As for the bacon to be announced Wednesday? It sounds like a very worthy debut; this will be its initial offering in St. Louis, and it’s gotten rave reviews elsewhere. Otherwise, I’m not telling – because I want to be first in line.

– Dennis Lowery

Via Sauce Magazine

I’ll be there…