Atkins Verses Weight Watchers

#5 Myth: The Atkins Diet allows you to eat all the bacon and eggs you want.

Fact:  During the kick-off Induction phase, Atkins suggests you incorporate meals with specific amount of eggs and bacon to help you start off successfully.  But Atkins is not an egg and bacon diet.  In fact, during Induction – and throughout the four phases – the Atkins diet also incorporates a wide variety of lean protein choices that include fish, poultry, lean meat, eggs and soy. However, just because protein is encouraged, following the Atkins plan is not a license to gorge.  When following the plan, each of the food groups should be enjoyed in moderation.  Following Atkins doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want as long as it is low carb.

As the J/C wedding rapidly approaches I find myself in need of actual weight loss instead of just “feeling healthy”.  So I set about doing some research this morning.

Apparently I misclassified the Atkins diet as a “fad”.  I apologize, DOCTOR Atkins.  After doing extensive reading (articles and references can be found at, I realize that I can put “sweet sexy science to work for me”.

So I now issue a challenge.  Weight Watchers verses Atkins.  Kudos to Maren who has experienced overwhelming success on the WW plan.  I have been following semi religiously for six weeks with a total net loss of 3 pounds.  Unacceptable.

According to my studies, I can experience improved weight loss and healthiness on Atkins.  What a coup.

#2 Myth: The Atkins Diet is unhealthy.


Atkins is a natural and effective approach to weight loss and weight management. The Atkins Diet encourages consumption of a healthy balance of nutrient dense foods: lean protein, a full array of fibrous vegetables and fruits and good fats while limiting refined carbohydrates, refined sugar and trans fats. Choosing foods in this manner allows the body to burn more fat and work more efficiently while helping individuals to feel less hungry, more satisfied and more energetic.

Starting today right now, I am on Atkins induction.  I will even forgo drinking until the J/C wedding in order for us to accurately and scientifically measure results.

You can find updates to my success daily on paunchiness.

I predict I will win this challenge, and the science supports it:

Pilot 12-Week Weight-Loss Comparison: Low-Fat verses Low-Carbohydrate (ketogenic) Diets


Study out of Harvard University recruited twenty-one participants who were randomly assigned to separate diets for 12 weeks: a low fat diet and two different low carbohydrate diets, one allowing 300 more calories a day.


Participants consuming the higher calories on the very low carbohydrate diet were able to lose more weight compared to the lower calorie, low fat diet. The low carbohydrate diet improved several risk factors for heart disease. 

Good luck, Maren!  Here’s to me happily ending my reign and returning my crown as the “fattest”…. You don’t have to take it but I am sure not keeping it!