an experiment in weight loss

I will fully admit that I have not been working out regularly since the wedding… alright let’s face it, I haven’t been working out at all since the wedding. I have, however, made a few small lifestyle changes as in experiment in weight loss. The laziness in me started to question if running and sweating and being miserable was absolutely necessary to achieve weight loss. The scientist/mathematician inside me made a hypothesis that with a large enough reduction in calories and a heightened awareness of the types of food I was eating the likelihood of weight loss was pretty high.

Here is how it worked. The most important thing was that I really watched portion control. I gave up the ‘eat until your stomach explodes’ mentality and tried eating a smaller portion. I also dramatically cut back on the amount of soda that I drink and replaced it with water. I went a good two weeks with no soda but am currently working at one or two about three times a week (damn the soda fountain in the teachers lounge). Next on the list was cutting out red meat and eating leaner meats like fish and chicken. I also abolished a large amount of carbs (no bread and way less pasta and potatoes than normal) and upped my fruit and veggie intake (thank you farmers market).

I did my best to follow the plan when I remembered and tried to really avoid extras (like eating breakfast at home and again during breakfast duty). My body didn’t feel much different with the exception of actually being able to breathe after dinner versus wanting to roll over and die of a food overdose. This morning I decided to step on the scale. It had been awhile and curiosity had gotten the best of me. Image my shock when the digital read 131.4. If you’ve checked my page, you know my workout log is lacking and my last recorded weight was higher. Awesome! For those of you that can’t motivate yourself to workout let me tell you that controlling your diet is a lot easier and is a good way to promote better health and weight loss. The next experiment… eating whatever you want while working out everyday.