A Brand New Pair of New Balance 992. Shoes as Motivation.

Getting a new pair of shoes is a good way to start a new fitness program. I just ordered a pair of New Balance 992s which arrived yesterday. I took them out of the box and put them on with my pinstriped pants and thought I looked like some sort of professor or other intellectual you see wearing these shoes around with clothes that don’t quite match. I often wonder if these people are hard core runners ready to strip off their outfits revealing a pair of split seam running shorts and go out for a 5k at the drop of a hat.

Maybe they’ve just reached an iconic status, maybe they’re just really comfortable. I’d like to think that even though they aren’t as flashy as a pair of Nike Air something or others that they are in fact a better running shoe.

Either way I have a pair of them on my feet now. I’m wearing them with jeans and a button down but I have my running shorts in a bag in my car. I’m not going to turn into one of those run over my lunch break guys on the first day with my new shoes but I am planning on taking them to the park for a spin as soon as I get off work.

So now that I have a pair of 100+ dollar shoes I’m going to give running a go again. A couple of years ago I got to the point where I could run 5k pretty easily but I never got that runners high everyone talks about. My wife ran cross country and I’ve always had these visions of us being the cute couple running around the park.

This new pair of shoes is going to be my motivation to get out and run.  Even though I’m wearing them at work now I am going to reserve them for running. These shoes are not going to go into the closet with all of my other shoes to die, they’re going to be my work out companion and my running partner.

If you’re reading this blog to find some motivation to lose weight then follow this advice. Go out and get yourself a new pair of shoes. Get excited like a kid with a new pair of Buster Browns and try not to look at your feet to much when you go out for a run or a walk around the block.

P.S. They’re on sale at Endless.com which is Amazon’s new shoe store with free overnight shipping so you can have them and start running or walking tomorrow. If you don’t want the 992s check out all the New Balance Shoes available at Endless.

3 Replies to “A Brand New Pair of New Balance 992. Shoes as Motivation.”

  1. Buster Browns are great, but if you really want to run faster, jump higher, you need PF Flyers! Great job, James, keep up the good work! “run, Forrest, run!!

  2. I love new shoes. I think I will buy some RIGHT NOW! I love heels, and flats, and wedges, and even running shoes. And, like James, I feel that a new shoe purchase is often a great motivator to get up and run. And if fitness shoes lead to running, and that leads to weight loss, maybe that will lead to new heels for showing off the new stems! I like where this is going…

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